Individual Assessment and Career Exploration

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High school Juniors/Seniors meeting with us for an overview of the program

The primary goal of Strix Academics is to provide the best possible services to the students depending on their needs. During our first meeting with students we introduce our programs and services and determine how we can assist them. We conduct initial interviews with purpose of finding the problem areas in college preparation. We give students appropriate advice regarding their choice of college, preparation for college application, and future career.

Career Assessment

After the initial interview, we schedule a full assessment of students’ abilities, interests, personality types, etc. The results of this assessment will help the students to learn more about themselves and will give
the academic staff a road map on the most effective way to teach the student, emphasizing strengths and addressing weaknesses.  

Assessment Tests
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
: most widely used personality test in the world; foundation for understanding individual differences based on individual responses produces results that identify which of 16 personality types best describes the individual.
Strong Interest Inventory: helps to guide students in their search for a fulfilling career; provides with information about interests, values, skills, work-styles, career-preferences, and personal style; helps students to select their college classes and careers they can be passionate about; allows students to compare their results with people who are successful and satisfied in their careers; generates a list of top ten occupations that would be most rewording to students; can be used in combination with Myers-Briggs to demonstrate the link between interests and personality type in making the right career choices.
Holland's Self-Directed Search;
Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument: identifies a person's preferred conflict resolution mode — competing, collaborating, compromising, avoiding and accommodating.
Campbell Interest and Skill Survey: vocational interest and skills inventory with career planner for college-bound or college educated individuals.

Assessment Discussion

We keep the students’ parents informed of all the steps that their children go through at Strix. After the initial interview and assessments, we share the results with the parents and give recommendations regarding further actions. Together with the students’ parents we discuss the action plan. We send the students’ parents bi-weekly progress reports via e-mail and have quarterly meetings. Parents can address their concerns any time at their convenience via phone, email, or request a meeting.

Workshops with professionals from the industry

In order for the students to have confidence in the choice of their major in college, Strix Academics conducts regular workshops with Industry professionals. Since these workshops take place before the submission of college applications, students have a wonderful opportunity to get professional advice regarding their career interests.

Overview of Industries Outlook (5 —10 year projection)

Strix Academics staff is constantly monitoring the job market and the latest development of various industries. They share this information on a regular basis with the students they are working with through formal meetings, electronic newsletters, and emails.

Individual meetings with Industry Professionals

One of the services that Strix Academics provides is individual meetings with industry professionals that can be arranged upon request. If the students have not made a decision regarding their major yet and have 2-3 options in mind, the Center takes it upon itself to arrange a set of meetings with various individuals who will share valuable information in order to allow them to make the right choice.

Identifying an Academic Major

We will assist you with narrowing down to the specific major.