College Years and Career Preparation

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College advising (semester basis): course schedules, choosing electives

Once the students reached their primary goal and get admitted to the college of their choice, the academic advisement staff of Strix will walk the students
through the process of selecting their majors and minors. We will be able to advise the students on the choice of mandatory courses and electives

In order to succeed academically, students have to have a balanced schedule of classes taking into consideration the level of course complexity and the time when it is offered.

Supervising Student Career Preparation throughout the college years

The ultimate goal of obtaining a college degree is to build up a solid foundation for your future career. This process starts from the moment students begin taking their classes. 

Staff of Strix Academics will work out an individualized plan for every student on how to keep up with the latest developments in the industry, organize workshops with industry representatives, advise on necessary certification, help finding appropriate externship or internship, and provide a list of seminars and webinars related to the major of studies.