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Targeting the Best Colleges to Meet the Student's Needs, interests, and Strengths

Choosing the right path to continue education is an extremely complicated matter. Students have a tendency of changing their minds rather often regarding the school where they want to further their education.

The Primary Goal of Strix Academics is to assist students in choosing the right school and right major for them. We meet with our students and their parents on numerous occasions, conduct initial evaluation, then, test their abilities and aptitude  in order to find out the areas they will excel the most.

We target the best colleges to meet the student’s needs based on:

·Career needs
·Financial considerations
·Athletic and academic scholarship possibilities
·Volunteer accomplishments
·Personal and professional references
·Living accommodations

Standardized Testing Plan, including Administration of Diagnostic Testing

We offer intensive preparation for SAT/ACT/TOEFL exams. After initial diagnostic test, we create a plan of studies for our students, so that they can utilize our resources and their abilities to the most. We cover everything from academic skills, testing techniques, and time management to practice multiple sample tests to prepare students for solving all possible problems they could have on the test.

Every three weeks, students get tested by Strix Academics, so we can monitor their progress and modify the plan of studies.

Tutoring Services

We offer outstanding ongoing tutoring services in variety of subjects that are taught at schools and colleges.
Our tutors can help with understanding difficult subject matter of various courses as well as strategies to keep up with the pace of the class. Our highly experienced tutors are willing to explain, teach, and make the process of learning rewarding and fun. This will increase your confidence during your regular classes and allow you to improve your grades.

education specialists work with school children and college students.