College Application, Selection, and Acceptance

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College Visits, Interviews, Application reviews

Once students make the decision regarding their future area of studies, our experienced staff will help with the selection of colleges where the students will pursue their degrees. It is important to take into consideration college ranking in a particular discipline, location and financial considerations.

As soon as the students decide on their college of choice, we prepare them for potential interviews with college representatives, with mock questions, as well as coaching them on successful interview techniques. 

When students are ready to apply to college, we walk them through every step of the application process, editing their application and assisting in writing the personal statement and a supplemental essay.

Financial Consultations: fund your education

Our financial consultants will work with students and their families to ensure they find the appropriate way to pay for college. Numerous options will be carefully examined, including various scholarships and their applications, city and state financial aid and sponsorship.                                                
Our experienced staff will examine the financial situation of the students and their families and determine eligibility for financial aid and student loans. Our financial and academic consultants will advise students and their families on the best course of action.

Supervising the Process of Submitting College Applications

Submitting an application to college encompasses online applications, recommendation letters and a personal statement. Our experienced staff will assist the students in collecting all the necessary documentation; supervise the process of writing the personal statement and any supplemental essays.

Reviewing responses from colleges, decision making process

Once the application is submitted and the appropriate papers are sent, students are expecting to get notifications from the colleges regarding the status of their applications. Our academic staff will be happy to review all the responses students receive in order to make the right decision.
Students that have several early acceptances will benefit from our expert advice regarding their personal and financial situations when having to make an early decision.