Strix Academics is a unique educational institution that provides top of the line tutoring, test-taking techniques, and counseling to high school students who desire to continue their education in a college or university of their choice.

One of our main goals is to assist students to get through that critical time in their lives when they have to apply to college. We make sure that the choice they make is right for them.

We prepare students for SAT/ACT/TOEFEL tests using our unique methodology that enables students to utilize their knowledge and personal strengths and address their challenges, so they can achieve desirable scores on their tests.

Our academic staff consists of outstanding educational professionals with experience in working in high schools and colleges. They bring their passion, years of experience, and exceptional intelligence to their classrooms and counselingsessions.

Our primary goal is to surround each and every student with strong academic and psychological support. We take success of our students very seriously and continue working with them during their time in college until their graduation and job placement